Two Good Friends

A curious species, first discovered roaming the Appalachian wildlands. Resourceful and surprisingly cunning - an underdog with potential.

Initially confined to higher elevations, the crocs spill deep into southern prairies and towns. Instinctively nomadic and ferociously territorial, they multiply at an alarming rate - conquering first smaller pockets of local neighborhoods, then expanding into vast stretches of uninhabited dryland.

As they spread ever further from each other, regional clans develop. Each bears distinctive adaptive markings…

But peace is short-lived. Provincial disputes and high tempers are on the rise.

Desperate to escape bubbling political tension, two rebels break away in the night.

Together they leap across grassy dunes and frozen wastes, backtracking towards human civilization.

Eventually, the pair come to rest in a small suburban home…

Generally pleasant but equipped with voracious appetites, these two good friends need something to eat. Keep them well fed, and you might just enjoy their company.